Little Eliza May

Little Eliza May

Eliza is a six-year-old girl with an infectious smile and indomitable spirit.  She lives with a severe undiagnosed auto-immune condition that causes massive inflammation, and interstitial lung disease that requires respiratory support. By her fifth birthday, Eliza had beaten serious odds and survived several life-threatening medical incidents including a twisted and ruptured bowel, an antibiotic reaction that shut down almost every organ in her body, acute kidney failure, sepsis, and severe pneumonia from influenza. Because she is immune compromised, she often can’t do things that other kids do, and even a simple cold can turn into serious complications.

There are three main reasons Eliza continues to thrive today: her brave, courageous heart, the love of her family and friends, and the incredible medical care she has received from the pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Victoria General Hospital. The medical staff care for Eliza like she is one of their own.

Even after all of her terrible experiences in the hospital she still gets excited to go there for a simple examination, blood work or longer stay, because of the love and care she has received.  A tap on my shoulder with her foot from the backseat of the car and a happy surprised squeal when she sees the hospital says it all. We are extremely grateful for all the support she has received and know that we are but one of many helped by this incredible team.

It is our wish that we can give back to the people who have given so much to us so that they can continue to give to others.

Thank you for joining us for the 1st Annual A Cock-a-Doodle-Doo Victoria Wing Fest!

- Stacey, Eliza’s mom